Coast Development Authority (CDA) - Kenya

Coast Development Authority (CDA) was established by an Act of Parliament No. 20 of 1990 (Cap 449) to provide integrated development planning, coordination and implementation of projects and programmes within its area of jurisdiction. The 1990 Act was revised in 1992 and CDA started its operations in early 1993.

The CDA area of jurisdiction includes the whole of Coast province consisting of Kwale, Malindi, Mombasa , Lamu, Tana River , Kilifi and Taita Taveta districts, and Ijara district of North Eastern Province and the Kenyan Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The rationale for its establishment was to carry out regional planning and effective utilization of the unique resources found in the region. This was to address the social and economic problems experienced particularly in the high incidence of poverty, unemployment, and the decline in agricultural production. Poverty in the region stands at over 62% of the population.The decline in economic performance has been partly attributed to inappropriate Sectoral Planning approach to resource utilization in the region. A multi-Sectoral/ integrated approach, which would consider all the related factors in sustainable utilization of the natural resources, is therefore required to achieve rapid regional economic growth.

Mandate of CDA

The Act, which created the Authority, mandated it to initiate, plan, coordinate and facilitate development programmes and projects within its area of jurisdiction.

After its establishment in 1990 and the commencement of its operations in 1993, the Authority developed its vision; mission, goals and the strategic objectives to enable it contribute to poverty reduction and rapid sustainable regional economic growth.

Core Functions of the Authority

Based on the general functions as outlined in section 8 of the CDA Act, its vision, mission and goals, the Authority has focused on the following core functions, to minimize overlap with other line ministries and to be more focused in its activities which includes:-

Regional data identification, collection, collation and correlation for integrated regional planning purposes;

  • Integrated Regional Planning for sustainable utilization and management of coastal resources, based on environmental carrying capacity;
  • Development of local capacities to sustain the continuation and maintenance of integrated communal projects through sensitization and training;
  • Initiation, Harmonization, and Coordination of sectoral and community interests in the implementation of regional socio-economic development projects;
  • Exploration, Promotion, and Conservation (including surveillance) of Marine resources within Exclusive Economic Zones and other coastal resources for sustainable development.;
  • Sourcing for Innovations and Research findings for implementation of pilot/ demonstration projects for the purpose of dissemination of the technology;
  • Promotion of Private Sector involvement in commercial activities and community development within its area of jurisdiction; and
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of regional development projects and programmes for effective achievement of the set objectives.
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