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Few opportunities to change: ocean warming and oxygen loss are putting marine life under more and more pressure Author:
Martin Fowlie

Three of the most important sites in Madagascar for nature have been given permanent protection by the Government of Madagascar, thanks largely to the efforts of Asity Madagascar (BirdLife in Madagascar).

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New Research Projects More Encouraging Future for Ocean Dependents Author:

GLOBAL - Turning the tide on the standard gloomy narrative of oceanic decline, an exciting new research series projects a more urgent, yet encouraging, future for all who depend on the sea.

Ocean Prosperity Roadmap: Fisheries and Beyond explores how a transition to sustainable resource use – for example, by fishing smarter, not harder – can reduce poverty while increasing economic growth, food production, and fish populations.

The human stakes are high: ocean resources employ 260 million, nourish three billion, and face grave risks.

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