Sustainable Seas Trust (SST)

Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) is a registered Charity, Public Benefit Organization, and Not for Profit Organization. The Trust is registered and administered by Nedgroup Trust and operates exclusively for charitable, socioeconomic, scientific, educational and philanthropic purposes. SST is dedicated to harnessing the power of people everywhere to promote conservation, sustainability and habitat restoration. Through the production of films, posters, and educational booklets for teachers and students, SST raises environmental awareness to help preserve coastal areas from over-harvesting and pollution.

The African Marine Waste Network

There is already too much waste in the coastal waters of Africa and it is expected to double in the next 30 years if trends continue. Africa could become the most polluted continent on the planet.

To reverse these trends, Sustainable Seas Trust and its partners have launched the African Marine Waste Network, which aims to:

  • Enhance coordinated commitments around Africa to reduce both land-based (circa 85%) and sea-based (circa 15%) sources of debris 
  • Gather and share data necessary to develop baselines and inform strategies, as well as track progress towards goal achievement
  • Roll-out education and awareness programmes that can be adapted across African countries
  • Build capacity that is qualified to meet major challenges
  • Promote research and 'proof-of-concept' demonstration projects that can be shared across the Network
  • Contribute information that will enable governments, municipalities, harbours and organizations to successfully motivate for better resources so that they might execute environmentally safe and economically beneficial waste management and recycling schemes
  • Strengthen the after-use (circular) plastics economy and promote direct economic incentives to avoid leakage into natural systems
  • Ensure that the African Network joins Global Networks to facilitate rapid transfer of regional and global best practice and expertise 
  • Organize conferences, workshops, festivals, and schools events
  • Utilize media sources to facilitate collaboration and sharing of best practice
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