About PCFV

The Partners

The PCFV partners are from both developed and developing country national governments, non-governmental and international organisations, and the fuel and vehicle industries. Following the re-launch in October 2012, partners were given the opportunity to reconfirm their support to the renewed focus of the PCFV. As of February 2017, 73 partners had re-confirmed their interest, and membership remains global.

These partners are the driving force behind the PCFV accomplishments and their commitment is key to PCFV’s continued success.

The Advisory Group

The Advisory Group, which is representative of the broad range of partners, provides guidance on strategic and financial issues, as well as advice on general management of the PCFV Secretariat. 

The Secretariat

The PCFV Secretariat is located at the United Nations Environment headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The Secretariat administers the day-to-day operations of the PCFV, such as supporting countries to prepare and implement cleaner fuel and vehicle strategies, organising meetings, responding to requests for support and information, and liaising with partners. The Secretariat also maintains an information database on its website of clean fuels and vehicles for all developing and transitional countries.

The Donors

Since its formation, several organisations have consistently provided financial support to the PCFV to fund country-level implementation, in cooperation with partners, of the PCFV’s programme of work approved during the Global Partners Meetings. This core group of partners are recognised in PCFV products, materials, and events. The PCFV also fully recognises the invaluable contributions that many partners, and non-partners, make at all levels.